Who is Chasing Pandora?

Chasing Pandora are a singer/song writing duo from Gozo Melissa Portelli and Keith Anthony. Their partnership was formed when record producer/manager Steve Brown heard Melissa singing and was so astounded by the originality of her voice and the pure emotion that it conveyed that he put her together with Keith who”s soulful guitar playing he had long admired.

Instantly they both felt that there was a unique creative chemistry between the two of them and found working together an exciting and liberating experience as well as the creative outlet that they had both yearned for. Melissa had written poetry ever since she could put pen to paper but couldn”t have imagined that her words could be turned into such incredibly evocative songs and Keith found a musical partner who could take his beautiful melodies and give them life and meaning.

They perform primarily using just voice and acoustic guitar, which allows them to express the intimacy and spontaneity essential in conveying the emotion and pathos in their compositions.

Together they are Chasing Pandora.